Why the Name Change? - Kiss Me Studios

Why the Name Change?

Changing a name is difficult. Our brides find this out very quickly after the big day. There are SO many things to update and it takes a lot of time and effort! Well, changing a business name is very much the same way. You have to deal with getting a new logo, designing a new website, and...updating everything else imaginable. There is a lot of time and effort involved! So, why would we make the decision to do this?

Well, the decision to change the name was simple. We both agreed we wanted to change our name to better represent our joint venture, but choosing a name that fit the new look we were going for was a hard task indeed. First, let’s talk about the problems we had with our old name.

Chelsea Sickles Photography is outdated. When Chelsea Sickles Photography started Justin wasn’t even in the picture. Originally Chelsea started out as a family and portrait photographer. This was only part time and kept her busy doing something she loves! When referrals started to come in and her clientele list grew bigger she decided to create a name for herself. This is where Chelsea Sickles Photography came in to play. Well, originally it was Chelsea Upchurch Photography, but she changed to Sickles when she married Justin. A little bit after getting married, Justin and Chelsea started photographing together and to include wedding/event photography. Now we were at a point where Chelsea Sickles Photography no longer worked for the events we shot together and especially for the portraits and wedding that Justin photographed on his own.

Photography is a passion we both love. It is something we enjoyed doing on our own but sharing this passion with the person you love is truly double the fun!

Chelsea Sickles Photography no longer represents who we are. We have been a husband and wife team for some time now. Its only fair that we have a name that represents who we are and gives credit where credit is due. Photography is a passion we both love and have fun doing on our own but doing that passion with the person you love is just double the fun! One of our core business focus, is having real relationships with our couples. We want to have a positive impact on their wedding day and everything leading up to it. So, naturally, we want to start off on the right foot with a name that represent who we are as a team!

So we knew it was time for a change. And we just had to decide on a NEW name. This was the tricky part. We went back and forth over trying to combine our names; we even tried to add our children's name in the mix. We spent hours discussing this on our many road trips around the Eastern Seaboard. Well on a trip to Lake Tillery, NC, this recent summer, we were going at the name game again. Our eight year old son Tyler chimes in with “Those brides and grooms are kissing all the time and that is what you are always taking pictures of so what about Kiss Me Studios?” We looked at each other and just started to chuckle! We loved the name and we LOVED that our eight-year old came up with it!

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