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If you've been noticing lots of new, sparkling, engagement ring pictures in your social media feed lately, that's because it's officially engagement season! Such an exciting time for these newly engaged couples! Kiss Me Studios asked for your engagement stories, and we are excited to share the first one with you!

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Courtney & Sam - Their Engagement Story

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Meet Courtney and Sam of Rose Hill, North Carolina. Courtney just graduated from UNC at Wilmington and Sam is a police officer. Courtney and Sam started dating right after they were introduced to each other by some mutual friends.  Thanks mutual friends! On the 3rd date, they went to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk and sat on the porch swings overlooking the beach. Here, Sam asked Courtney to be his girlfriend! This is storybook love, people!  From that moment on, Courtney and Sam have been inseparable.

Sam and Courtney dated for 3 years. Sam knew he wanted to marry her and had picked out the perfect ring way back in July. He wanted the proposal to be a surprise and at the perfect moment, so he held onto that ring 'til he had a plan. He actually had to keep it at his parents house because he was nervous he would give away the secret before the timing was right! 

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Courtney graduated from UNC at Wilmington on December 15th, 2018. Little did Courtney know that Sam had something big planned for this night! Both of their families were  at UNC to celebrate with Courtney and they were taking photos in front of the famous fountain. Sam turned to Courtney and gave her a gift. Thinking it was a graduation gift, she opened it and found a Christmas ornament.

Backstory time!

Courtney's family has this tradition with Christmas ornaments. Every year her family would get an ornament that represented something big that happened that year. So for this year, it would probably be a UNC Graduate ornament, one would think! 

Back to the engagement story!  So Courtney looks down at the ornaments, and reads, "Our First Christmas Engaged" As she read this, Sam went down on one knee with the ring in his hand. He had just one question for her. "Will you marry me?" Of course, we all know her answer was yes!  

After hearing Courtney and Sam's love story, we knew that we had to do an engagement session with them for our blog post! We started at the State Farmer's Market in Raleigh. It was cold, and windy but it did not bother these two snuggling love birds!  The colors from the fresh produce gave a beautiful backdrop as we took time to document their love and engagement! 

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After the Farmers Market we headed over to Historic Yates Mill County Park and took advantage the the beautiful scenery they have to offer. It was still cold, and oh so windy but these two were champs and we created some amazing images that will be cherished for a lifetime!  

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Thank you, Courtney and Sam, for sharing your love story with us! We had a blast, and from the looks of it, so did you! 

And a "Thank You!" to two of our favorite places for a photo session:

State Farmer's Market

Yates Mill Park

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