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Hi and thank you for joining us on this blogging Journey!  We are excited to share with you our experiences in Kiss Me Studios, and life in general. Well, lets get started!

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to shoot Georgia and David's Engagement session. G&D were excited to try something a little different and opt for a night time engagement session. Of course we were on bored with this! We love trying out new and unique ideas. They have Great Gatsby/Glam in mind for their wedding so naturally they wanted to keep the theme for the engagement session.

We decided to start the session during light hours so we could still get some nice "golden hour"  shots in too. And lets be honest here, Justin and I have never done a nighttime engagement session so we wanted to make sure we had all our bases covered! 

Make sure to read to the end to see the surprise we encountered for our final shot!

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-5001

We started off the session right at the Capitol building in downtown Raleigh, then worked our way down Fayetteville St.

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0009
www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-5003
www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0010

We decided to change up the outfits for the Gatsby theme of the session. These two pulled this look off without a hitch! So many passerbys couldn't help but look over, who can blame them! These two looked amazing!

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0015

If you noticed that  Georgia's engagement ring is on her right hand, you are not alone. I did too! Both G & D come from Egyptian heritage and it is important to them.  She explained to me that in Egyptian culture, the engagement rings are worn on the right hand until the ceremony when they are they are moved to the left hand and joined with the wedding band.  

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-5004

As it got darker, we headed over to City Market. I love the cobblestone paths and Twinkle lights! 

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0018
www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0019

We headed back to the capitol to take advantage of it all lit up! 

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-0020

With a quick outfit change we headed over to Boylan Bridge to capture the city of Raleigh.  Just as we set up for the shot, a train went rumbling underneath us. we were able to take advantage of the bright headlights from the train and captured this amazing photo! I love how they are both looking in opposite directions but yet they are so connected with each other. Just after the shot the train blew its horn and made us all jump about 3 feet! So worth it!

www kissmestudios com-HezainEsession-5008

Georgia and David, You both did an amazing job helping us create these images! Thank you. We are so very excited for the two of you and look forward to your June 2019 wedding!

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