Engagement Stories: Episode Three - Valerie and Zack

Back in January, Kiss Me Studios asked newly engaged coupled to send us their engagement stories. We had plans to choose one to be featured on our blog. We received over 50 submissions! It was amazing but so difficult to choose just one! We decided to choose 3 winners to be featured and we turned it into an Engagement Series instead of just the one blog!

Meet Zack and Valerie. Two NC State alumni's who are madly in love with each other! Valerie entered our Engagement Story contest and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what she wrote.  

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Despite both of them going to NC State, they did not meet there. They actually met on an online dating site. Valerie actually had this 2 date guideline that she went by.  She believed you don’t always get a true sense of someone and your compatibility with them from 1 date. So she would give it 2 before making her decision.  She didn't say this, but after spending about an hour with them at their engagement session, I would have guessed that it was love at first sight for the both of them!    

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Fast forward four years (say that 3 times fast!), and Zack has a plan that involved an elaborate lie, and hiding people! 

Its December, and Zack tells Valerie they he wants to take her to this little pop up Christmas market at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He told Valerie that they were meeting some co workers there and to pack a Thermos of hot cocoa. This was a smart idea on his part because it ensured she Valerie would not show up in sweat pants!!!

They get there and walk up to the large Gyre sculpture (the 3 rings). He tells her to just stand there and take in the view of seeing it along with the other two in the distance. He backs up and  asks her to not turn around. She agrees thinking he is taking an epic photo of her. He gets down on one knee and tells her to now turn around. She does, and there he is with ring in hand! He said he wanted to turn the 4 years into 40 and asked her to marry him. She was in shock and just kinda stood there gawking at him. Finally she yells yes! Both their families (Who were hiding in bushes) come running over to congratulate them!  I loved this story and I am so happy to share it with you all!

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this whole pop up Christmas market at the Museum of Art was all a big lie. It was only used to guarantee Valerie would want to go. I know, I was disappointed too! 

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Valerie and Zack, thank you for sharing your engagement story with us. We look forward to your October 2020 wedding! 

A big thank you to NC State for allowing us to photograph at the Court of the Carolina's. 

If you would like to be featured in our engagement series just contact us

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