Elaine and Cameron - This Is Their Story

Back in January, Kiss Me Studios asked newly engaged coupled to send us their engagement stories. We had plans to choose one to be featured on our blog. We received over 50 submissions! It was amazing but so difficult to choose just one! We decided to choose 3 winners to be featured and we turned it into an Engagement Series instead of just the one blog! 

Elaine and Cameron are just as cute as they come! Elaine sent in the engagement "story". I say that in quotations because it was not a story, it was book! I loved it! I loved every moment, every turn of events, and of course I loved the ending (or in their case its going to be their new beginning)

With out further adieu, meet Elaine and Cameron. This is their story!

Elaine and Cameron have known each other since they were children. Yes, that is how far back this story goes! These two grew up together in a small North Carolina town! They have known each other so long that they don't remember how they became friends, they just always were! Elaine played soccer with Cameron's little sister back in grade school. Cameron and Elaine have always hung out with the same people, had similar interest, and both were very much into after school sports. They were perfect for each other but neither of them saw the other as anything more than "just a friend" .

After grade school, they ended up going in separate directions. Cameron went to Wilmington, Elaine moved to Raleigh with her family and finished high school. Then they ended up back in the same town again after Elaine graduated and went out to Wilmington. But shortly after she got to Wilmington, Cameron lefts to start his career in Raleigh, and then she left North Carolina and headed to Florida! The stars were just not lining up for these two but it really didn't matter to them because they were just merely distant friends at this point, friends who had never seen the other person in way that was more than that. 

Finally we get to 2017! Elaine is back from Florida and single, Cameron is working hard at his career and also single. The stars are starting to line up!  A few friendly texts are exchanged and the friendship is budding again. However, they had not seen each other in many many years! Elaine was getting ready for a much needed vacation in Ohio when Cameron messaged her and asked her to meet and catch up at a local bar. The World Series was going on and since they both love baseball it seemed like a fun thing to do!

Elaine gets to the bar and the moment she saw Cameron, he took her breath away! This was no longer the boy she grew up knowing. He was a grown man who was (is) devilishly handsome. Elaine was suddenly aware that she just came from the gym! Sweat pants, sweaty hair and all!  However, it made no difference. The two spent the evening talking, laughing, and catching up with each other.

Lets fast forward a bit and get to the juicy part of the story! Elaine and Cameron have been dating over a year now. She has just arrived home from work. Cameron lets the dog out to greet her but then shuts the front door. She thought this was odd but continued to pet the dog and proceeded inside. When she opened the front door, she was amazed! Surrounded by rose petals, roses, and candles was Cameron. Down on one knee with a tear in his eye, and a ring in his hand!

"Elaine Marie, will you marry me?" 

"YES, of course!"

I am in love with this story and these two people! They are so much fun to be around, and they are so in love! We choose to do their engagement session at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Its a place they visit often so it was special to them. 

Thank you Elaine and Cameron for sharing your story with us! 

A big thank you to Cameron and Elaine for being awesome and working with us. Also, to the NC Museum of Art for giving us this beautiful backdrop to our images! 

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Do you have an amazing love story that you want to share?  Message Us to get it set up! It is super easy and a lot of fun! 

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