Hurricane Florence is certainly creating a destruction for all in her path. Sitting here watching the news about all the homes destroyed and lives forever changed because of her chaos is not how I expected to spend my Saturday. Today I was supposed to be photographing  Lindsey and Justin's wedding day.   I was especially excited for this wedding because I love outdoor farm/barn weddings, and their's is at Cedar Grove Acres in Creedmoor, NC. Lindsey and Justin  had to make a hard decision to postpone their wedding because of Florence. I am sure they are bummed about this so this blog post is all about them!                                                                        

Lindsey and Justin are such a cute couple, who are madly in love! Their engagement session at West Point on the Eno was light and easy going. 

www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0020
www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0019

These two didn't mind getting a little wet! We could see they share a love for the outdoors!

www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0013

West Point on the Eno is an amazing park. its loaded with trails, large trees, rivers, dams, a watermill, and of course some beautiful bridges. Lindsey & Justin loved the idea of using this gorgeous industrial looking bridge as a backdrop!

www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0004
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www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0022

After a quick change, we continued our adventure through West Point on the Eno.  Justin is all sorts of sweet on Lindsey!

www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0035
www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0036

Lindsey & Justin brought their sweet pup to get in on the photo fun! He was so much fun to meet and work with . 

www kissmestudios com-WigginsESession-0025
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