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Preparing for your Mini Session

You have booked your Mini Session and we are so excited to be working with you! The best things with mini sessions are they are mini, quick, and fun.. It's important to be well prepared for them though. Here are our tips to get the most out of your Mini Session. 

Arrive Early:

In order to maximize on the time you do have, be sure to arrive early for  your session. Arriving at least 10 minutes early ensures that you’ll have a little  time to get everyone out of the car, through the parking lot, and to the photo shoot area. If you arrive late, this will eat into your session time and with a 15 minute session, every minute counts! 
Let not be late, but if something comes up and you are going to be late, please LET ME KNOW. Send a text. If I am able to, I will start the family that is scheduled after you and then you take their scheduled time. It's not guaranteed though, however if I can do it I will! Let's just not be late to avoid all that craziness! 

What to wear:

* When choosing what to wear, I suggest picking out the outfit for the parents first, then pick the children's outfits to coordinate. 

* Dress for the season. SPRING/SUMMER sessions. It's warm, so go ahead and dress for the warm weather. Sleeveless shirts and shorts are fine! Long sleeves and pants are also fine! FALL/WINTER session. Dress for the season too! I know it's still warm here in the fall, but if you would like your photos to have a genuine look it's best to avoid wearing short sleeves and shorts for fall/winter time sessions.  

* Layers are your friend! And not just for the ladies, men can and should layer too. A jacket, sweaters, scarves, belts, and jewelry!  Layers add so much more to a photo! Look at some of the inspiration on our Pinterest page. Notice all these outfits have layers! 

* Avoid tight patterns like narrowly striped shirts or herringbone print. These tight patterns can cause a funny optical illusion in the camera and can show on larger prints. 

*Large logos and text on clothes tend to be very distracting in a photo. It's best to avoid them. Certain holiday themed shirts have text on them and they usually are okay for holiday sessions.    

* Pay attention to the feet! If wearing dressier clothes, try to get the shoes to match the occasion. Shoes will be in some the photos! SOCKS! Yes pay attention to your socks. Please do not wear white socks with a pair of black slacks. In sitting poses, your socks may show and it will be very distracting.  

* Avoid baggy clothes.  Wear clothes that fit your body. Too tight or too loose will not photograph well.

* Coordinate your colors. If mom is wearing a blue dress, then the rest of the family should coordinate with her and wear an item that has blue in it. What you don't want to do is everyone show up in khaki pants and a white top. Matchy / matchy  is not a timeless look. If you don't want to worry about coordinating everyone then don't. Dress in what your family is comfortable in. The most important this is that everyone is happy! 

* Check out Pinterest. There are TONS of inspiration and ideas on what to wear. 

Prepare Your Children:

*Talk to your children about what we will be doing. Get them excited about this special day of photos.

*If you have a Santa Session scheduled, start talking him up! Paint the picture of Santa being fun and exciting! Sometimes it helps to start singing Santa songs!  

*I will do whatever it takes to get the smiles from your children. Remember, your children don't know me and I am a stranger to them. It is okay if they are a little shy at first. I have ways to get the smile I want.

*Please do not scold them during our session. Many parents make the mistake of saying things like "If you don't smile, we are not going for ice cream later". Statements like these are negative and will produce a disappointed child. Instead remind them of the treat you will be having after we are done with photos. "Remember, we are going out for ice cream after we are finished!"  This will help me be able to pull out the smiles in your children.

*I am not against bribery and will bring Smarties to our session. Its my favorite candy for sessions because it is non staining. Go ahead and tell them that I will have a surprise for them. I will not disappoint! 

*Stuffed animals and lovies. I know your children might want them and want to bring them but in my experience, once the stuffed animal is given to the child, we can not take it away. GIving it to me to wave or be funny with also doesn't work. All the child sees is a stranger with their  favorite animal and it scares them. If you don't care if the toy is in the photos, then I don't care! Remember, these are your photos, it's up to you! 

*Sometimes young children (under 3) just don't want to cooperate. I will try all my tricks but if your child is just not having it, we will call a day. If this happens, and we can't get the minimum # of photos,  we can try to reschedule you for another mini session or your child might just need a little more time to warm up to me and a full session might be needed. 


Have Fun!

We have 15 minutes together and it's best to approach this session as a fun 15 minute outing with the family. Laugh loud, and be silly. Whisper silly things into your children's ears and be close! Forget that a camera is there. A smile looks good, but a laughing smile is genuinely perfect! Trust me, you are going to be great at this!

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