Wedding Photography Shot List ( the simplified version)

I love lists! I make lists for everything! Lists keep me organized, neat, and on task.  I am sure you have made many lists for your wedding and you will continue to do so right up to the wedding day! An experienced wedding photographer will know what to expect and when to expect it on a wedding day.  However, they will still want to have a shot list handy. Its important, because the  day can get bust quickly and a list will help keep you on task! Working off a list will ensue that no moment is missed. Kiss Me Studios works off of an extensive shot list, to ensure we never miss a shot. It would be a bit to long to post here so here is a simplified version of this shot list with some stunning photos! 

Getting Ready

A lot of special moments happen while getting ready for the ceremony. Those precious, nervous, excited pre-wedding moments are so special for both the bride and the groom

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The attention at a wedding is usually on the bride and that is ok. She is in a beautiful dress and glowing with excitement but you dont want to forget about the most important man of the hour. The groom.  Here is where you see the nervous emotion. Not nervous because he is getting married but nervousness cause by anticipation. Wondering "How will our life change?" "Am I going to mess up the vows?" or "Will I trip during the first dance?"  Some of our favorite shots are catching the groom when he isn't even looking!

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The Dress

You'll want a shot of the dress before you put it on. 

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Details, Details, Details. They can be so small but they are so important. Shoes, jewelry, family heirlooms passed down, gifts... Kiss Me Studios prides ourselves on not missing the details

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Untitled photo
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Untitled photo
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Dad's First Look and Mom's Emotions

Dad seeing his little girl all dressed in her wedding gown, Mom taking one last moment with her daughter before she is a married woman, and of course mom and dad stealing some time with their son before he is to be married. Breathtaking photos that are cherished forever.

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First Look or First Touch With the Bride and Groom

If you don't know what a first look is, it is a moment before the ceremony when the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time that day. This is a private and very special moment between the two of them. For couples that want to keep it traditional and not see each other before the ceremony, a first touch can be done. You get to have a moment together without seeing each other.

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Bride's Processional

Whether it is Dad, Mom, both Mom and Dad, a best friend, or a furry friend. The processional of the wedding party and the bride is the beginning! Grabbing that smile from Mom, tear from Dad, and the look on her future husband's face is a moment to be captured in time! 

www kissmestudios com-Teague- (78)

The moment He Sees Her

The bride coming down the isle is a moment not to miss, but the grooms expressions are priceless. Is he going to tear up,  smile, or give an over  the top "wow" reaction? Or is he going to be so nervous he forgets what to do? Either way, the moment needs to be captured and captured well! A second photographer comes in handy here and good thing Kiss Me Studios packages include one!

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The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony. The whole reason we have all gathered. To witness two people come together in marriage, vow to love, honor, and cherish each other. This is the most important part of this whole day and not a moment is to be missed!   

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www kissmestudios com-Watson-1069
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www kissmestudios com-Teague- (108)
www kissmestudios-ErvinWedding-85

The Second Kiss

This is one of my favorite things to do after the ceremony! Just as you are about to leave the ceremony, I stop you, and ask you to kiss one more time! Then I am able to capture that kiss with all your guests in the background, cheering and clapping for the newlyweds! 

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Family Portraits

Family portraits are traditionally important to get after the wedding ceremony. A formal portrait of the bride and groom with Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, and grandparents are wedding photos that are treasured for years.  Every family is different so we will go over your family prior to the wedding day and create a list of portraits that you want. On the day of, we will take charge and keep the family members moving in and out of the picture, to get them (and you) to the reception as quickly as possible!

www kissmestudios com-WigginWedding-230
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Bridal Party Portraits

Now that family portraits are done we all can grab a drink and head out to have some fun with your bridal party! Who's up for some expressive pictures that perfectly capture the essence of your bridal party? We love to work with everyone, in every setting from the most formal to the zaniest!       

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Bride and Groom

Finally, some time alone with just you and your hubby! After the bridal party portraits are finished, it's now time to take just the newlyweds and have some quiet time. It could be a walk around the property, or around the block, now's the chance to explore a little and take some portraits of you as you are starting your married life together!

www kissmestudios com-WigginWedding-267
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Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The Reception

Its now time to relax and enjoy your time with your family, friends, and loved ones. There are so many important moments during the reception and they can happen in any order you please. First dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cutting the cake, bouquet toss, and many more. It doesn't really matter what order they happen, or which events you choose to include, because as the photographers, we are with you the whole time, so we will not miss a beat!

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Untitled photo
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Table Shots and Details

Details, details, details. yes, it is all in the details and not a detail goes missed!  One fun thing we really enjoy doing is going around the tables and getting photos of your guest. Your guest love it! **Pro tip- these photos add a great personal touch to  your thank you cards! 

www kissmestudios com-GonzalezWeddingSP-0012
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A Moment Alone

During the reception, after you have eaten, had a drink, and relaxed a bit, we like to take a small moment with you and grab some stellar sunset or evening shots. This is a quiet and romantic moment that I create for you away from your party dancers! It takes about 5-10 minutes and we get some killer shots!

www kissmestudios com-GonzalezWeddingSP-0036
www kissmestudios com-IrvinSP-25

The Grand Exit

As with all good stories, the evening must come to an end sometime. Now's the chance for one last hurrah, as you are whisked out of the reception by your new hubby, amid bubbles, or sparklers, or a champagne toast! Whether we orchestrate a staged exit, or you pull off a real exit, we are with you all the way until your tail lights recede in the distance.

www kissmestudios com-MCKOYSP-0028
Untitled photo
www kissmestudios com-GonzalezWeddingSP-0037

The Exit Is Not Always The End

The photos below are so fun to make after the exit. They can done prior to the exit too! All we need is a Bride and Groom and a couple willin, able bodied wedding guest! Sparklers, glowsticks,cell phones, any source of light will create these fun photos!                            

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