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Winter Wedding Tips

Being born and raised in upstate New York I cant help but love (and miss) the wintery season. Blankets of freshly fallen snow. The sparkling icicles hanging from branches, cuddling up to to the ones you love to stay warm...what's not to love?

Unfortunately the unpredictability of the weather makes Winter the least-loved season for weddings. It comes dead last in popularity, with the vast majority of brides and grooms opting for Summer or Fall weddings. But for those brave souls who crave a unique wedding experience then winter is the perfect time to tie the knot (what better time to profess eternal love than during such a cozy and romantic season?) Here are some important things to remember when planning a unique winter wedding!

1.You’ll Save Money 

Most Vendors Since the winter isn’t a peak time to get married. You can score some major discounts your venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, and transportation. One area where you may not experience any savings: Flowers. Because there are fewer flowers in season, you may have to pay a premium or forego your first choice bloom.

2. Be prepared for "Old Man Winter".

We all know that winter can turn harsh without much warning and if you're not prepared, it can spell disaster for your nuptials. When you begin planning, imagine every possible scenario (wind, rain, snow, etc) and think of a plan in case those elements come into play. If you've got a back up plan, you won't have to stress in the days leading up to your wedding. Think of your guests: Will they have to walk along a snowy path to get to the ceremony? Does the reception hall get chilly due to all the large windows? Should valet be stocked with umbrellas so no one gets drizzled on getting in and out of their car? These are all things you can think of in advance to ensure a flawless wedding day regardless of what Old Man Winter has in store!"

3. Be Prepared for Some Surprising “No’s”.

  You might be surprised by some of the guests who declined to attend. Elderly guests and out-of-towners may be more likely to decline a winter wedding invitation, due to concerns over icy conditions or airline delays

4. Flowers.

Just because it’s a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to choose white or blue flowers, but it does mean you may have to choose flowers that are in season during winter. Winter season flowers such as: Amaryllis, Bells of Ireland , Camellia, Carnation, Daffodil, Poinsettia, Ranunculus, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Pea and Tulips will in season and thus cheaper.

5. Colors

You can always go with your favorite colors but here are a couple of popular winter options: Christmas -reds and greens, frosted -light blue hues and whites, metallics -antique gold, pewter, silver or copper.

6. Keep You and Your Guest Warm.

Keep warm with long wool coats for the men and cropped leather or wool jackets for the girls. Wraps, gloves, shrugs, cardigans, capes and heavy or wool suits will also keep you warm and tie in with your winter theme. A coat check is a must. No one wants to carry around their bulky or even wet coat at a wedding. Also think about providing umbrellas for rainy weather.

7. Wedding Dress

Keep warm with sleeves or a high collar and a dress made from a heavier fabric like silk satin, or if you prefer lace try Battenberg lace. be sure to stand out from the white snowy backdrop with lots of embellishments or ditch the white dress for an icy blue, blush pink, silver or even a bold red dress.

8. Photography.

As it gets darker in winter months arrange for your ceremony to conclude by 2pm to capture portraits indoors while still having enough light to take photos outdoors. Also remember that sunset changes from summer to winter. Bring a coat and a pair of warm boots for trekking through the snow and ice that can be handed off to friend or photography assistant.  Winter lighting accentuates dark circles and puffy eyes. Create a glow by using a little under-eye highlighter and having a hint of shimmer in your eye makeup. Try warm, glowing hues and remember to moisturize to keep skin from drying out in the cold.

 Dos for winter weddings:

-Consider wonderful winter accessories like wraps, shawls and jackets for your bridesmaids.

-If there’s potential for snow, aim to have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in one venue to keep travel to a minimum.

-Be sure to provide guests with an attended coat-check area to accommodate all those extra outdoor layers.

Don'ts for winter weddings:

-Don’t get your heart set on flowers that may be out of season. They may be extremely expensive or even impossible to obtain. Your floral designer can suggest winter-wedding appropriate blooms (like ranunculus or tulips).

-Stay away from thick sauces and heavy meats. You want your guests to feel light enough on their feet for the dancing ahead!

-Don’t choose an out of the way venue. You may have longed for that cozy little wedding in a tucked-away inn, but poor road conditions could prevent your guests from getting there.

There you have it! My tips, do's and don'ts for a for a low stress winter wedding!

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